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Senior Home Care NormanImportance In-Home Fall Prevention with the right home health care in Norman

One in three seniors falls each year, but there are things you can do to prevent the risk of falls in your home. Some simple tips for fall prevention include removing tripping hazards, keeping your home well-lit, and exercising regularly. Taking these precautions can help reduce your risk of falls and keep you living independently longer.


As we age, our bones become more fragile and susceptible to breaks.

As we age, home health care in Norman, OK, can become a necessary partner in keeping our bones strong and healthy. As the years pass, our bones naturally become more porous and brittle, making them especially vulnerable to fractures and serious injuries.

To keep our bones strong as we age, it is crucial to invest in home healthcare services that will support us in remaining physically active and engaged. A Senior Home Care Norman OK, can devise a customized treatment plan aimed at optimally strengthening our fragile bones while also helping us achieve improved overall health and well-being.

One in three adults 65 and older will fall each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We must take into account potential fall hazards and do a risk assessment. Falls are a common and treacherous problem for those over 65. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three adults 65 and older will fall each year. As home health care experts in Norman, OK, our team sees falls as a serious threat to the well-being of elders in our community.

We are dedicated to helping seniors stay healthy and build strength so they can avoid becoming part of this alarming statistic. With proper assessment and home safety tips, home health care in Norman, OK, can improve home environments can help reduce risk factors significantly. Making your home safer and reducing the risk of senior falls.


Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for seniors.

Falls can have serious consequences for the elderly, making home health care in Norman, Oklahoma, even more important. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for seniors, accounting for over 8 million hospital visits each year in the United States alone. It is largely preventable with home health care services that monitor mobility changes and design home safety plans to reduce the risk for falls.

Home health care experts use various methods to reduce falls in aging patients, such as home assessment, guidance on home modifications, exercise programs, and prescriptions for strength training. Taking steps to ensure safe home environments for seniors is critical to reducing falls and avoiding serious injury or even death.


There are several things you can do to help prevent falls in your home…

Home safety is an important part of home health care, especially for seniors or those with chronic conditions. Taking simple preventative steps can help minimize the chance of having a fall. Making sure to fix any tripping hazards around your home, like carpets that are uneven or loose floorboards, is a great place to start. Installing assistive devices in areas like stairwells and bathrooms can also provide stability and alleviate falls.

As well as this, something as simple as being more aware of the things that are on the floor when walking through your home can help you stay balanced and steady if you start to lose your footing. By following these home safety steps and visiting home health care pros in Norman, OK, for any other resources needed, you can feel safe and secure in your home!


– installing handrails on all stairways

Providing home health care in Norman, Oklahoma, is more than just medical services; safety should also be a significant priority. That’s why home health care providers recommend installing handrails on all stairways. Not only do they provide an essential level of stability and support, but they can also give homeowners peace of mind that their loved ones are safe.

Many people choose to install modern and stylish handrails for aesthetic purposes as well, proving that home safety does not have to conflict with good home design. Elderly people tend to use grab bars to prevent head injuries and other loss of balance issues. Studies show that strategically placed handrails can make a huge difference at home and promote overall wellness and quality of life.


– removing tripping hazards from walkways

Home health care in Norman, OK, recommends removing tripping hazards from walkways. Tripping hazards are any objects that extend above the walking surface and could cause someone to trip over them. Examples of such hazards include rocks, fallen branches, torn carpeting, and steps or stairs without handrails.

Reducing these tripping hazards can help ensure home health care patients’ safety and comfort during their daily routines. Taking preventative measures like clearing walkways of obstacles can provide home health care patients with peace of mind and dignity when leaving their homes for appointments or errands.

As we age, we must be aware of the increased risk of falling and take active steps to prevent falls in our homes. By taking some simple precautions, like installing handrails on stairways and removing tripping hazards like electrical cords, we can help reduce the likelihood of a fall occurring. 


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